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Bargain Kittens

Buyer Beware!


Please be careful of buying bargain Kittens!

So you have decided that you would like a pedigree cat? Where do you start looking?
The internet, there is sure to be some good kittens on there!
So you scour the popular pet selling sites and come across a pedigree kitten. 8 weeks old(we have had cases where the kittens have been as young as 5-6 weeks) ready now, parents can be seen. £400.00. What an absolute bargain! We have also seen recently a very high influx of unregistered kittens with no paperwork being sold for as much as £850.00! This is a ridiculous amount of money. A fully registered highly reputable breeder will not even charge that for a pet! 
What happens if:
Once you get home baby immediately shows signs they are ill. Not eating, upset tummy, lethargic etc.
You know there is something not right. You try and get hold of the seller, no answer, number no longer recognised.
Off to the vets you go. If your lucky it will be something minor and after a check over and medication, your baby will be fine.
On the other hand, you could spend hundreds or thousands at the vets and lose your precious darling. Not so much of a bargain then.
ALWAYS buy from a registered breeder. Make sure parents are registered on the active register (this means that they were purchased as breeding cats) and the kittens are registered with one of the following registered bodies, such as: GCCF, TICA and FIFE.

Kittens should come with

Pedigree certificate at least four generations. Breed numbers should be visible on first three generations

Registration certificate (unless withheld until neuter/spay)

Diet Sheet

Worming certificate.

HCM certificates to show parents are tested normal

any other information important to you and your baby.

If on arrival at a breeders something does not sit right, walk away. Just because the babies are cute, does not mean they are the right one for you. If the kitten looks ill, for example, runny nose, runny eyes and general not looking right, please walk away.

 Make sure kittens are born and raised inside, kittens born and raised outside may not be well socialised or used to everyday noises. Also ask how many kittens they have sold, you are well within your right to ask.

Generally kittens will come running to you, or they may be too busy playing and not give a hoot that you are in their home. What you don't want is kittens running to hide or hissing. A happy kitten is a well socialised kitten.
If it doesn't sit right walk away. If it looks too good to be true it usually is.

If your unsure, call us.

Most of the time these kittens are born from parents that were bought as pets only and should in fact not be bred from! 

The only way to stop back yard breeders is to stop lining their pockets!

I am not a for now kitten, i am a forever kitten. I am not an any kitten will do kitten, i am a forever because you have been waiting for me for a while kitten.

I am a forever kitten.