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Our Team

We are a dedicated team of volunteers, working very hard to help our beautiful breed.

All of us are also registered breeders with GCCF and our ragdoll club. We are very knowledgeable about our breed. Dawn has given grooming demonstrations at pet shows and also talked about the Ragdoll in general. Between us we have a vast knowledge of our breed. We all have safe houses in our gardens, which have been purchased through the tireless fundraising we do. This helps us to continue our work.

Dawn Davies

Founder of Ragdoll Rescue and Honorary Secretary.  

Dawn is the founder of Ragdoll Rescue and lives with her husband and fur babies in Tring Hertfordshire.

Dawn has been involved in Rescue for many years.

Dawn has been showing Ragdolls for over twenty years and has been a registered breeder for 18 years. You have to come a long to a fundraiser, just to try Dawn's cooking. Her chicken casserole is the best!

Dawn also tells it like it is, so if you want an honest straightforward answer, look no further!

Roger Pearson


Roger is chairman of Ragdoll Rescue, he lives with his wife Lesley and furry family in Northampton.

Roger & Lesley have worked with the rescue for a number of years. They also show their babies and have been registered breeders for 7 years. If you come a long to one of our fundraisers, you will spot Roger straight away, he is normally the one dressed in the most flamboyant outfit. For Christmas 2016 he was dressed as a turkey!

Alison Reynolds & Wendy Richards

Staffordshire Co-ordinators

Alison & Wend have been working with the Rescue around 6 years. They live with their fur family in Staffordshire near Cannock Chase.

They have been showing their babies for around 7 years and have been registered breeders for 5 years.

You will spot wend at the fundraisers, she is the one normally crying at the success stories!

Alison is the one who brings the bread pudding!

Casmein Thorpe

Cambridge Co-ordinator

Cas has been helping with the rescue for 2 years and has recently taken a single safe house into her garden. Cas in the comedian and is also brilliant at fleecing companies for raffle and auction prizes for the fundraisers.

Cas has been showing for 3 years and is also a registered breeder.


Milton Keynes Co ordinator

Kayley works with young children. She is also owned by Ragdolls and is a registered breeder.

Kayley is new to the team and has just had a safe house at her home.

Kayley is very excited to be involved in rescue. Not sure she realised how mad we all were when she joined us!

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Sue is a very good friend to all of us. Sue is the lady who produces the calendar each year. She also is very active helping with fund raising and the yearly fundraiser. Sue has 5 ragdolls. She has been showing for a few years. Sue is a comedian and a very special addition to the cat family.