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New Homes Found

On this page you will see photo's of some of the beautiful Ragdolls who are now in their forever homes.

The cats we have in vary in ages, however, they are usually anything from four years old to 16.


Here is where you will find our new homes found and their stories.

Primrose has now been homed

Primrose went to her new home a few days ago and is settling in very well

Jazzy & Maisie's Story

We had to have our beloved aged rescue cat put to sleep in November 2016. The house seemed so empty without her and in February this year we started looking on websites and magazines for one, preferably two indoor rescue cats.

We needed indoor cats as we are only two gardens away from a busy main road with allotments on the other side. Far too tempting with all that wildlife for cats!

On a whim we bought The Cat magazine. Under the find a kitten article we noticed an advert for Ragdoll Rescue and found out that they are only indoor cats. Surprisingly we found that the phone number was local and Dawn lives only two roads away! We rang and Dawn came back almost immediately. Later that week Dawn visited us to ensure that we and our home were suitable to adopt rescue cats.

As it happened Dawn had two sisters, 5 years old, needing a home. As we had had rescue cats that needed love and patience before, we were able to have the “girls” earlier than expected. Dawn could not have been more helpful and supportive in helping to settle our two girls, Jazzy and Maisie.

We are so pleased that they are already making themselves at home and are very much part of the family. This is the first time we had come across the ragdoll breed and they certainly live up to their reputation for being loving, sensitive, intelligent and loyal.

Princess & Queenie

Princess & Queenie came in to the rescue from Blackpool in October 2016. Once in our care, it was realised that both girls required extensive dental treatment, had not been vaccinated and were also living with fleas. The first thing to do was the vaccinations and flea treatment. A week after their last vaccinations, they both had their dental treatment. Princess needed seven extractions and queenie three. Queenie also had to have a hole in her gum repaired. Two weeks later we had a lovely couple come to visit from Somerset. The girls were immediately smitten with their new Mommy & Daddy and left the same day.

The photo is a recent one with the comment "they are our lives and will never go without anything"


Daisy is a 17 year old lady, who came to us due to a family member being allergic.

Daisy was with Dawn for quite a while, she had blood tests to make sure she was healthy and is now in her forever home with a lovely family


My husband and i wanted to rescue a young Ragdoll cat. We found Dawn and Glyn on the Ragdoll rescue website. I rang to speak to her, and we chatted a few times on the phone. It was very clear to me that she is passionate about her cats, and that she does not let them go to anybody, only people who will care for them.

Dawn texted me to tell me that she had a 3yr old boy, that needed to be re homed. He had come from a home where he lived with an elderly lady, and that he was too much for her to look after him, and sadly had to let him go. We travelled up to Hemel Hempstead to see William. My first encounter with William was not a good one, as he was very nervous with strangers. We took him home with us, and it did not take him long to feel at home. He now plays with us, follows us around the house. Enjoys all our visitors. Plays with our three boys. Loves to know what is going on. He is very inquisitive cat. We have only had him 2 weeks, but it feels longer as we have grown to love him, and he in turn is starting to trust us. He even lets us brush him on a daily basis. Thank you Dawn and Glyn. We will cherish him.

Love Julie and chris