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Re-homing Process

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How we work

We understand that having to re-home your Ragdoll, is a very soul destroying and heartbreaking decision. 

We also know it is not easy and takes a lot of soul searching.

We are happy to help anytime.

However, please ensure this is absolutely what you want to do and also understand that it does not happen overnight.

It takes time to gather all of the information and then place all the details on the website. For us then to be told that its taking too long. or no longer needed is a waste of resources, so please ensure you are 100% sure this is what you want.

If you contact us for assistance, we will find out all of the details of your fur baby, photos, any health issues, etc. 

If they have to come in to our safe houses, they MUST be fully vaccinated and healthy. We will require a recent vet report to ensure there are no problems we have not been told about. 

If possible we will re home them from your home, this is less stressful and an easier transaction for the fur kids.

If they do have to come to us, we ask that you bring them to us.

If it is during winter and they will be with us for a while, then we do ask for a donation towards the heating costs.

For more information, contact your nearest Co-ordinator.