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Thank you for taking care of our beautiful boy. He is very much a part of our family. Debbie and family. Adopted Romeo, aged 9 months

Dusty & Sky

Dusty and Sky have been with us a month today and are doing so well! They eat like little piglets (but also leave food, so obviously trust that I will keep feeding them) and play all day. They are playing in all the photos - although she has a range of cat toys, Sky’s favourite is the inside of a toilet roll holder. I also have to store toilet rolls in a drawer as they shred them!

They come to me and respond to my voice. Sky purrs every day and multiple times a day. Dusty (who had 3 years more neglect) has been less affectionate, but just in the last couple of days has wanted me to stroke her and come and head butted me while i am stroking Sky. Dusty is incredibly playful - she will play with anything (her tail, her sister’s tail!) I know from my Mum

(Who has rescued BSHs) that this is a British Shorthair trait. Although Dusty is less keen on being touched, she will climb right into my lap to chase the pen I am writing with.

Although they run about all day, they won’t come off the top floor of our house, despite having access to the whole house. I guess this is due to being in a confined space and that it will take time. They live in two rooms, but are gaining confidence every day. Sky knows she doesn’t need to go off the top floor. When she wants attention, she stands on the landing and yells for service, till I go up to see her! She also thinks she can take on my big old man ragdoll, Jerry, and regularly squares up to him - growling her tiny growl and hitting out at him with her teeny paws. She is very feisty - Dusty is much more chilled with Jerry and they just work round each other when he goes upstairs to visit them (and eat their biscuits!)

I am so attached to them already and I think it is becoming mutual. I really missed them when i went back to work after Christmas. On my second day back, Sky started bellowing within five minutes of me being in the house when she heard my voice, which was lovely. She loves being brushed, which is great after my many years of combing unwilling Persians! Sky doesn’t like it that much, but is letting me comb her a tiny bit at a time.

They are such delightful little ladies and i am so glad that they are with us and were here in their forever home for Christmas.

With love,

Fiona, Dusty (Custard) and Sky x x 

Hi Dawn,

After the sad passing of my dear wife my family thought it would be good to find a pet to share my days with we went to the Excel in London to the National Pet show where l and my daughter and my grandson meet the team with Ragdoll Rescue, l have meet Dawn before, we spoke about me adopting an older cat they showed me a photo of Mitzy an 8 year old lady, l was home checked by Dawn, a few days later went to Dawn's house to meet Mitzy it was love at first sight

Mitzy was rehomed in June 2017 in Luton. Mitzy has settled into Tony's home well and it a pampered princess. Doted by him and his family and has brought some happiness into Tony's life after the sad loss of his wife in April. Mitzy has found her new favourite spot on the window sill watching the world go by outside.

Many thanks to the Ragdoll rescue team

Thanks dawn

David lowe